Most Speakers Only Deliver Information and Motivation ….
Dr. Sandra Haymon Will Teach You How to Develop
Powerful Personal and Professional Life Skills
That Will Literally Transform Your Life.
Dr. Haymon’s Presentations Will Empower You to Overcome Obstacles, Embrace Challenges, and Reach Your Ultimate Potential.

“I Absolutely Love  Sharing My Life’s Work With Others.” Sandra W. Haymon, Ph.D.

Dr. Haymon Will Teach You How To:

  • Get off the emotional roller coaster of life and never feel guilty again.
  • Turn off the main power switch to your emotions so others cannot push your  buttons.
  • Set your internal GPS for a positive destination.
  • Follow your inner guide so that you stay focused on your goals.
  • Gain confidence in yourself and in the process of life.
  • Use humor to achieve balance in your life.

Dr. Sandra W. Haymon, a licensed psychologist, International speaker and author has been featured on numerous television and radio shows including ABC Good Morning America-Sunday and CBS Late, Late Night with Tom Snyder
Sandra Has Presented Across the Globe and Has Taught Thousands of Individuals How to Unlock Their Ultimate Potential. Dr. Haymon has received hundreds of Testimonials, Endorsements and Outstanding Reviews.
“Dr. Haymon is the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard. In plain, simple language she teaches practical tools that can be used every day to empower individuals to achieve even their loftiest of goals.”Patty Rubino-Brunetti, Valley View Packing Company, San Jose, CA
“Things in my life are going so great because of the things you taught me. I thank God for your purpose in my life.” V. Calhoun, Thomasville, GA
“Fantastic!!  Incredible! Unbelievable!!  Phenomenal!!  Dr. Haymon is the most effective speaker I have ever heard.”S. Traylor, Education Coordinator, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, Dothan, AL
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Her latest book Baby Boomers-Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving (2009) is the most comprehensive book on Caregiving. It includes the Elderly Red Flag Checklist, the Caregiver’s Emotional Quiz, and over 250 Resources, plus a Glossary of Terms.
5 Keys to Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential-How to Develop Powerful, Personal and Professional Life Skills
Develop the Power of  F-A-I-T-H
Fortitude, Attitude, Intuition, Trust and Humor.
Learn how to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and reach your ultimate potential!