The Sacred Journey of Caregiving

A Transformational Approach to Life

Nearly 50% of Long-term Caregivers Will Die Before
The Person They are Taking Care Of.

Don’t Become Another Statistic!

The Sacred Journey of Caregiving-A Transformational
Approach to Life”
Real Answers to Real Problems America’s 66 million Caregivers Are Facing Today.

Dr. Haymon Will Personally Guide You Thru the Maze of Physical, Medical, Practical, and Emotional Issues of Caregiving.
Her Approach Will Literally Transform Every Area of Your Life!

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5 KEYS to Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential

How to Develop Powerful Personal & Professional Life Skills

Do you have a bigger life inside you dying to get out? The sad truth is if you don’t let it out it will die. When asked, most people say they know they are not living up to their full potential. When asked “Why not?” they offer a laundry list of reasons and plans for tomorrow. However, we all know that reasons are excuses and tomorrow never comes.

Every person has been given the keys to unlock their ultimate potential. However, most have either forgotten what these keys are or have allowed theirs to become so rusty they are no longer able to use them.

This motivational presentation offers insight and practical skills that will inspire you to Unlock Your Ultimate Potential and Develop Powerful Personal and Professional Life Skills.

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