The Sacred Journey of Caregiving

The Sacred Journey of Caregiving
A Transformational Approach to Life

Are you the designated caregiver in your family? Do you often feel frustrated, angry, over-whelmed, and secretly terrified in this role?  If so, this presentation is for you. The majority of the 66 million Caregivers in the United States are presently facing the daily struggles of Caregiving while continuing to work, raising their own children or grandchildren, helping adult children out financially, and preparing for their own retirement. The questions are endless, the challenges over-whelming, and the stress is tremendous.

The startling fact is approximately 50% of long-term caregivers will die before the person they are responsible for. Don’t become another statistic!

In this powerful presentation you will learn how to take care of yourself first and achieve life balance so you can be there for those you love. Dr. Haymon’s approach to Caregiving, and life in general, will literally transform your life.  Learn how to embrace the journey of Caregiving as your personal and sacred journey – a journey that has little to do with the person you’re caring for. Discover the subtle forms of denial and how denial impacts decisions which could cost others their lives. Using Dr. Haymon’s Red Flag Checklist, you will learn how to assess your loved ones’ true level of functioning and determine the appropriate level of care. Get off the emotional roller coaster of Caregiving and never feel guilty again.

You will learn how to:

  • Take care of yourself first and achieve balance in your life.
  • Embrace the journey of Caregiving as your personal and sacred journey.
  • Confront denial and make clear decisions.
  • Get off the emotional roller coaster of Caregiving and never feel guilty again.
  • Communicate effectively with individuals who are delusional.
  • Say goodbye before and after the death of loved ones.

This presentation is a must for all family caregivers and all professional healthcare providers (physicians, physicians assistants, RNs, LPNs, CNPs, CNAs); management, staff and volunteers working in hospitals, nursing homes, memory impaired facilities, personal care homes, and assisted living settings; psychologists, social workers, certified professional counselors, estate and financial planners; anyone employed in the insurance industry; and anyone who may ever be a caregiver or ever need a caregiver.

Dr. Sandra W. Haymon, America’s #1 Caregiving Expert, licensed Psychologist, author, and International speaker has been pioneering the field of Caregiving for nearly twenty years. Her visionary book My Turn Caring for Aging Parents & Other Elderly Loved Ones-A Daughter’s Perspective (1996) was the very first book ever published in the U.S. on caring for aging parents. My Turn and her latest book Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving (2009) are based on Dr. Haymon’s personal experience of caring for her own parents who both had Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Haymon has been featured on numerous television and radio shows including ABC’s Good Morning America-Sunday and CBS’s Late, Late Night with Tom Snyder. She has presented before thousands of family and professional caregivers across the Globe.

Sandra’s most popular Keynotes are:

The Sacred Journey of Caregiving-A Transformational Approach to Life

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“The caregivers in attendance LOVED her! The evaluations were excellent and Dr. Haymon presented information that was “real,” practical, and very helpful. She had the audience in the palm of her hand waiting for her next words. We all laughed, cried, and certainly could relate her caregiving experiences with our own. Caregivers walk away from her presentations knowing that they are not alone, filled with hope and useful knowledge for their future caregiving journey, and empowered to do the best they can for their loved ones. The Alzheimer’s Association is blessed by our relationship with Dr. Haymon.”

Debra Anderson, SAZ Region Programs Manager, Sesert Southwest Chapter, Tucson, Arizona

“I want to give a testimonial to Sandra Haymon. I saw her present an amazing seminar on The Sacred Journey of Caregiving. I was really blown away-not only by her talent and her speaking ability, but by the wealth of wisdom she has about caregiving. I know with her message she’s going to be changing so many lives and helping so many people. She’s got an amazing gift and she is truly making a difference in the world.”

Debbie Allen, International Business Speaker, The Power of Three, Phoenix, AZ

Approximately 600 people attended the Southeastern Hospital Conference and were privileged to hear Dr. Sandra Haymon. The fact that the room did not hold all of the people was an indicator of how desperate people are for advice, to hear they are not alone, and that there are ways to cope. She addressed the needs of many whose hearts are heavy with the cares and concerns she experienced with caregiving. We were most appreciative.”

Martha C. Taylor, Dir. Of Volunteer Services, Newton General Hospital, Covington, GA

“Thank you for participating in our 39th Annual Conference in Savannah. It was a tremendous success! Wow!! What a great impression you made with our 520 attendees. Never in the history of 39 years have we received such high evaluations for a speaker.

Jayne Hendley, President of Council on Auxiliaries/Volunteers of the Georgia Hospital Association

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