“Always remember, The Password is Love.”
Sandra W. Haymon, Ph.D.

Dr. Haymon, a licensed psychologist, author, and International speaker has been pioneering the field of Caregiving for over twenty years. Her visionary book, My Turn Caring for Aging Parents & Other Elderly Loved Ones- A Daughter’s Perspective (1996) was the very first book ever published in the U.S. on caring for aging parents.

Her latest book Baby Boomers-Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving (2009) is the most comprehensive book on Caregiving. It includes the Elderly Red Flag Checklist, the Caregiver’s Emotional Quiz, and over 250 Resources, plus a Glossary of Terms.


Dr. Sandra W. Haymon

Dr Haymon is a Licensed Psychologist, Author, International Motivational Speaker, and America’s #1 Caregiving Expert. She has presented across the globe and has taught thousands of individuals how to Unlock Their Ultimate Potential, Develop Powerful Personal and Professional Life skills and Transform Their Lives. She has received hundreds of Testimonials, Endorsements and Outstanding Reviews.

Sandra has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including ABC-Good Morning America-Sunday and CBS-Late, Late Night with Tom Snyder. She has also been featured in dozens of major publications including U.S. News and World Report and Good Neighbor magazine for State Farm.

Dr. Haymon has also been pioneering the field of Caregiving for nearly thirty years. Her visionary book My Turn Caring for Aging Parents & Other Elderly Loved Ones-A Daughter’s Perspective (1996) was the very first book ever published in the United States on caring for aging parents.

Her latest book Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving (2009) is the most comprehensive book on Caregiving. Dr. Haymon’s personal experience of caring for her mother and step-father, both victims of Alzheimer’s Disease, motivated her to combine her experiences with extensive research to provide others with answers she wished had been available to her.

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Dr. Sandra W. Haymon, Ph.D.

Dr. Haymon’s work has been endorsed by State and National organizations including the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs, the Florida Health Care Association, the Alzheimer’s Resource Center, the NeuroScience Center, and the Georgia Alzheimer’s Association.

Sandra has presented at numerous major Annual Conferences including the American Society on Aging, the Georgia Hospital Association, Georgia Hospital Volunteers, and the Florida Health Care Association. Her most popular Keynotes are: The Sacred Journey of Caregiving-A Transformational Approach to Life; Five Keys to Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential–How to Develop Powerful Personal and Professional Life Skills; and Your Life’s Purpose-Feeling Worthy Beyond Work.

Dr. Haymon earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology and Human Systems from Florida State University (FSU). While at FSU, she developed the first testing instrument (Work Attitude Scale) that identifies workaholics. Her research was cited in more than 20 major newspapers in the United States and Canada.

Sandra is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in America, Who’s Who of American Women, Outstanding Young Women in America, and Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Dr. Haymon and her husband served as volunteers for 18 months in Madras, India working with women and children cancer patients. They presently reside in Marana, Arizona.

When describing herself she states, with much pride, “I am truly a baby boomer in every respect and count it a blessing to have been born into such an amazing generation of people at the most incredible and wonderful time in the history of the world. We are the great producers, and we will continue to be productive—even if it is called retirement.”

BABY BOOMERS—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving Front Cover


Praises for BABY BOOMERS - Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving

Jean PosnerM.D., Neuro-Psychiatrist, Owings Mills, Maryland
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"The psychological and medical consequences of caregiving, long ignored in the literature, have only recently been recognized and examined as a distinct problem. Dr. Sandra Haymon's important new book, Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving, brings the emotional, physical, spiritual, and even the bureaucratic pitfalls into clear focus. Comprehensive in scope, thoroughly researched, and exquisitely detailed, Baby Boomers anticipates the unforeseen landmines awaiting caregivers and offers concrete strategies to prevent, avoid, and overcome them. The inevitable unexpressed anger and associated shame felt by many caregivers receives a compassionate and understanding discussion. Baby Boomers is the most useful and readable exposition of the caregiver problem I have ever encountered. This superb volume belongs in the library of every clinician and counselor."
Patricia Rubino BrunettiBoard Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer, Valley View Packing Company, San Jose, California
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"Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving provides readers with a myriad of highly useful information and is truly a gift for the heart, mind, and soul of the Baby Boom Generation-my generation. This book literally changed my life by bringing into focus the humanity of our situation in the midst of the emotional chaos most of us live in. Her practical style of writing gives readers a wealth of information that is easy to read, understand, digest, and put to good use!" "The fact that Dr. Haymon shares personal and painful experiences establishes immediate credibility and instills compelling trust in her sage advice and sensible suggestions. I truly believe the timeless information provided in Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving will become the catalyst for restructuring and improving millions of personal situations and relationships. This is a MUST read for everyone, no matter what generation you were born into!"
Gary W. PetersonPh.D., Professor Emeritus, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
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"Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving is a testimony to Dr. Haymon's enduring commitment to enhance the quality of life of those with whom she comes in contact. I have known her for over twenty years as a trustworthy, compassionate, and dedicated professional colleague. Even though I have now progressed beyond the "sandwich," I will undoubtedly continue to refer to the many informative chapters in her book as I face life's ageless and never-ending challenges. Her literary style, her research, and her life's experiences will enable readers to easily learn valuable lessons that will help them plan and prepare for their futures regardless of age, gender, or ethnic background. I believe Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving is a book that individuals will read, re-read, and then repeatedly consult as an invaluable reference for making important and often emotionally-charged financial and personal decisions."
Ellen McNallySage Eldercare, Summit, New Jersey
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"Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving is a masterpiece! Dr. Haymon previously gifted caregivers with My Turn. Now, in her exceptional new book, she expands that information and addresses every aspect of caregiving. Dr. Haymon's firsthand knowledge, gained through personal struggles, in addition to her professional experience, offers invaluable information to help guide caregivers and their loved ones through this passage of life. I highly recommend Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving to every family caregiver and all professionals who work with elderly individuals or caregivers. Baby Boomers is an incredible reference to have at your fingertips."
Debbie GriffithsRNC, President, Pinecone Management Company, and Author: Little Lady, BIG DREAM, Thomasville, Georgia
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"Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving contains a wealth of information and is a must-read for all baby boomers! As a former owner and director of an assisted living and retirement community, I applaud Dr. Haymon for passionately sharing her personal struggles of dealing with her own aging parents. Dr. Haymon's vast research and tireless efforts put into the consolidation of this material can help all of us wisely prepare for our own retirement. This is a well-written, informative, and marvelous research manual for anyone wanting the information necessary to fully experience "retirement living at its finest."
Amy L. GreenwaldAttorney At Law, Shreveport, Louisiana
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"Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving is appropriate for all generations. As a daughter of baby boomers, I realize it will soon enough be "my turn." Having read this book, I know I will be much better prepared to deal with the financial, legal, and emotional facets of caregiving when it does become my turn. I truly appreciate Dr. Haymon's honesty in sharing her personal experiences and stories. I highly recommend this book!"
Nancy Arant WilliamsR.N., Author: And The Heaven's Wept, Stover, Missouri
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"As an R.N., an author, and the guardian for my late, disabled father, I applaud Dr. Sandra Haymon for the invaluable information in her new release: Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving. This book will be an incredible help during a heartbreaking time that's sure to come for all of us, at some level, sooner or later, if we live long enough. I predict this resource manual will be on bookshelves for at least thirty years!"