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Dr. Sandra W. Haymon, a licensed psychologist, International speaker and author has been featured on numerous television and radio shows including ABC Good Morning America-Sunday and CBS Late, Late Night with Tom Snyder
Sandra Has Presented Across the Globe and Has Taught Thousands of Individuals How to Unlock Their Ultimate Potential. Dr. Haymon has received hundreds of Testimonials, Endorsements and Outstanding Reviews.

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BABY BOOMERS—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving Front Cover
Her latest book Baby Boomers-Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving (2009) is the most comprehensive book on Caregiving. It includes the Elderly Red Flag Checklist, the Caregiver’s Emotional Quiz, and over 250 Resources, plus a Glossary of Terms.
Dr. Haymon, a licensed psychologist, author, and International speaker has been pioneering the field of Caregiving for over twenty years. Her visionary book, My Turn Caring for Aging Parents & Other Elderly Loved Ones- A Daughter’s Perspective (1996) was the very first book every published in the U.S. on caring for aging parents.
My Turn: Caring for Aging Parents & Other Elderly Loved Ones--A Daughter's Perspective

TESTIMONIALS for Baby Boomers - Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving

"Baby Boomers...belongs in the library of every clinician, counselor and caregiver"
Jean Posner
M.D., Neuro-Psychiatrist, Owings Mills, Maryland
“Baby Boomers is truly a gift for the heart, mind, and soul of the Baby Boom Generation...This book literally changed my life by bringing into focus the humanity of our situation in the midst of the emotional chaos most of us live in.”
Patricia Rubino-Brunetti
Board Chairman, Valler View Packing Company, San Jose, California
“I predict this resource manual will be on bookshelves for at least thirty years!”
Nancy Arrant Williams
R.N., Author, Stover, Missouri
“Things in my life are going so great because of the things you taught me. I thank God for your purpose in my life.”
V. Calhoun
Thomasville, GA
“Fantastic!! Incredible! Unbelievable!! Phenomenal!! Dr. Haymon is the most effective speaker I have ever heard.”
S. Traylor
Education Coordinator, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, Dothan, AL