Invite Dr. Sandra W. Haymon to Speak

Invite Dr. Haymon to provide much needed information about the practical, medical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of caregiving, communicating with Alzheimer’s patients, emotional issues of the elderly, end of life decisions and Advance Medical Directives, saying goodbye and letting go, and/or Baby Boomer issues for your staff, administrators, elderly clients/patients, family and professional caregivers, other family members of caregivers, healthcare providers, or your entire community. Dr. Haymon will also provide information about retirement for individuals who have already retired or those who think they might ever want to retire without unnecessary worry. Continuing Education Credits may be offered.

Invite Dr. Haymon to:

  1. Offer the Keynote Address and/or Present a break-out session for your conference.
  2. Customize a presentation for your organization or entire community.
  3. Present a 1-2 day seminar for your particular audience.
  4. Speak at your next Breakfast, Brunch, Luncheon, Mix & Mingle After Work, etc.
  5. Offer presentations/training seminars on cruises or at your favorite vacation spots.
  6. Discuss the issues of caregiving, retirement and/or Work Addiction on your radio show.
  7. Write articles for your newspaper or magazines.
  8. Host a webcast/webinar.
  9. Be a guest on your radio or T. V. show.
Dr. Sandra W. Haymon, Ph.D.